Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Day Today

Well i woke up after a long long night getting ready for Jazzercise. Boy was that hard to do. lol. But what an accomplishment. Thank you to John for pushing me lol.

Afterwards we went back home and all of us got ready to go to the car show "Severed Ties" John took this picture of me.....RESULTS ARE STARTING TO SHOW. yaya.

We all hung out at the car show and ended up winning a prize. We were all so happy. There were like 6 of Johns cars there. It was awesome seeing all of his work. He works so hard and now its finally starting to pay off. We then went to walmart and did a little christmas shopping for my family in Wyoming. My boys are so excited to see him.
Life has its ways of working things out. John and i were not doing so hot about 3 weeks ago and now all the changes that have been made everything is better than i would have ever imagined. John is such a happier person. Its great. I am now reassured that he and i will last forever. I love you Johnny. xoxo

I'm am totally dreading saying goodbye to my boys for another 4 weeks. But i know they are in good hands with Nikki. The boys have been so happy together with casey. Its great. Mikey is such a beautiful angel. Spencer is our little brave soilder. Spencer has totally leached on to John. Its so sweet. I love seeing those two together. As you can see in this picture Spencers true innocent smile.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Jazzercise Classes Kicked my butt....

Today Jenny and i went to her sister in laws jazzercise class and well let me tell you i was not prepared for what was about to happen. It killed me and jenny. We were sweating up a storm and we are committed to going 2 days a week. Its so much fun and well i will be on my way to thinner in no time. YAYAYAYAYA. If you are interested in going let me know. They have GREAT pricing.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


OH MY GOSH....SO two weeks ago i weighed myself and unfortunately i was at 270lbs. WOW i know right. That is alot of weight on my really short body. No wonder my legs are buff. lol. Anyhoo i weighed myself today and GUESS WHAT I AM AT...248lbs. That is alot of weight in two weeks. I am so excited its unreal. Talk about an accomplishment. I am so motivated to lose much more before we go see my family. YAY. I love this feeling.

John and I are doing so good. Its like we fell in love all over again. The feelings are awesome. I just wanted to update this blog.


Casey's 1 of 2 Birthday Parties

YAY!!! Casey as of tomorrow will be 11 years old. Tonight we celebrated with the family and it was so much fun. Him and Ashton were so cute. Elijah Amato is so cute. He was laughing so much. Grandma got Casey 2 playstation games and John and him are playing it right now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY. i love you sweety.


What a wierd trippy night. Ask Me if you are interested.

Monday, November 10, 2008


John and I are so happy that Casey lives with us. Casey is an amazing child. He has voiced to us how happy he is. He gets all of his homework done by Wednesday and we have him read when he can. It's so nice to a smile on his face all the time now. I'm not to it. I love him.

John is my best friend, he is my lover and he is my soul mate. He and i connect in so many ways. He and i are so happy now its so awesome. We had a little speed hump but we are over it. :) YAYA.

Love all yall.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Best Day in a Long Time

Today was the most amazing day John, Casey and I have had in a long time. John and i had a quick discussion in our room followed by us going to his shop. There John was teaching me some stuff regarding speakers which i thought was awesome. We were at his shop about 3 hours. Which was way nice. We then took Casey to the Skate park in South Scottsdale called "The Wedge". We were there about an hour. It was so fun watching John be totally relaxed. Afterward's we went to Taco Bell and i had a 170 calorie Fresco Chicken Ranchero Soft Taco. (My diet is going so good. I am so proud of myself) Anyhoo we then came home and Our neighbor kids asked to play with Casey. We were like heck we went over and got to know our neighbors a little more which was totally fun, John and the neighbor dad played catch and then brought out the skateboard. Which was awesome.

I am really starting to fully enjoy my life with John. John is so amazing. Right now we are watching Shooter which is an amazing movie.

I will close for now.


Friday, November 7, 2008


So I recently went back to work full time to help with money and i am loving it. I work out every night, and our house is clean. I am trusting John to run his shop which is an exciting thing for me. I am so sick of thinking about my past that it hurts the future. I am losing weight and John and I's relationship is so strong its better than before. He loves me so much and i love him. Right now we are both sitting on the couch and i am typing and he is playing guitar hero Tour of Decades and he is sitting on my feet. That is one thing i love about John he has to have some part of him touch me when we are together. Like when we are sleeping its his feet or hand or he is completely nuzzled to my back. Thats the best.

Well we have had Casey here for about a month i think hehe. John and i are loving it so much. He seems so happy. I have fully and truly accepted that i love being a step mom. Well i am getting way tired as it is 1:13am.

Nighty Night

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I love john So much. that is all i can say. WE ARE TRULY HAPPY NOW. I LOVE JOHN I LOVE JOHN.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oct. 30th & Halloween Night Concert

Oct. 30th EVE:
SOooo i went to pick up casey from school and he was so excited to see me. Its such a great feeling seeing him so happy. We went to Johns shop for a little then Casey and i went shopping. We got some halloween stuff including a cool new soda for the Halloween season called "Candy Corn" Johns favorite candy so i had to buy it. We then went to Spirit and got some make up and blue hair spray for Casey and Glitter Hair Spray for me. Then picked up John and went to Bashes and got some Pumpkins and got home to carve and watch a REALLY SCARY AND GROSS MOVIE which is Caseys Favorite.

So last night our son decided that it would be cool to go to a huge concert rather than trick or treating. Which was WAY cool. He is like just buy me a bag of candy. But that didn't stop him from wanting to do some make up on the face for this concert. He went as a dead rockstar. Let me tell you I ROCK AT MAKEUP.

The bands that 98 KUPD got there were:




Let me tell you they freaking rock in concert. The security stopped everyone from coming in due to it reaching maximum capacity and John, Casey and I had front row. Afterwords we walked back to the shop and drove to sonic. We got home about 11pm and watched a funny movie as John fella asleep on my lap. What a great night