Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Best Day in a Long Time

Today was the most amazing day John, Casey and I have had in a long time. John and i had a quick discussion in our room followed by us going to his shop. There John was teaching me some stuff regarding speakers which i thought was awesome. We were at his shop about 3 hours. Which was way nice. We then took Casey to the Skate park in South Scottsdale called "The Wedge". We were there about an hour. It was so fun watching John be totally relaxed. Afterward's we went to Taco Bell and i had a 170 calorie Fresco Chicken Ranchero Soft Taco. (My diet is going so good. I am so proud of myself) Anyhoo we then came home and Our neighbor kids asked to play with Casey. We were like heck we went over and got to know our neighbors a little more which was totally fun, John and the neighbor dad played catch and then brought out the skateboard. Which was awesome.

I am really starting to fully enjoy my life with John. John is so amazing. Right now we are watching Shooter which is an amazing movie.

I will close for now.


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