Sunday, November 16, 2008


OH MY GOSH....SO two weeks ago i weighed myself and unfortunately i was at 270lbs. WOW i know right. That is alot of weight on my really short body. No wonder my legs are buff. lol. Anyhoo i weighed myself today and GUESS WHAT I AM AT...248lbs. That is alot of weight in two weeks. I am so excited its unreal. Talk about an accomplishment. I am so motivated to lose much more before we go see my family. YAY. I love this feeling.

John and I are doing so good. Its like we fell in love all over again. The feelings are awesome. I just wanted to update this blog.



NikNik said...

Congrats Tasha - that is an accomplishment. I would be in HEAVEN if i could loose 20 lbs....not so easy for me hehehehe - what are you doing?

The Hansen Family said...

Great job Tasha! You're awesome.