Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Family

I must say after a recent conversation with my brother Josh I absolutely love my family! I love our hard times and laugh at our good times! Hard times are what truly make a family stronger and i must say my family is REALLY strong! lol! Having to think about losing a close family member really is a difficult thought...but instead of it being negative i want to make it positive meaning i want to enjoy all the time i do have with each one of them now instead of regretting not doing that when they are gone! My mom and brothers are my world! Growing up watching my work her ass off to not only succeed in life but show my brothers and I that it takes HARD work to get what you want out of life! She has truly taught each of us that FAMILY is the most important thing in life and to always be close cause we are all we got in the end! And i AGREE! I consider my brothers and mother not only relatives but my BEST FRIENDS! I love you all!