Monday, June 23, 2008

She's in My Life for A Reason

Ok this blog is very special and important to me...i have this beautiful friend who i have just recently gotten to know. She is so amazing, She is kind hearted, Funny and she is always smiling. In the picture i have posted she is the beautiful woman in the white shirt. She has been going through a really hard time and recently found out that a friend of hers has died in a tragic Motorcycle accident. That person was incrediably special to her as he taught her how to go through life being positive and the affects that she will have. As i told her i wish i had somebody like that in my life (other than my sexy husband hehe) i realize right now that she is that person in my life. Her and i have formed this beautiful friendship that i will never forget. She helps me see the better side in life. She is my "CherryChapStick" Girl and i can truelly say one of my closest friends. I am privleged to say that she is an amazing co worker, person, friend and rolemodel. I would love to meet her family and friends one day as i have shared some of mine with her. As my title of this blog says "She's in My Life for A Reason" i have recently recognized what. I love her as my sister, co worker, and best friend. I have a couple best friends and they are all amazing. Jen when you read this i want you to realize what i am saying, you are my best friend and i look forward to more life experiences with you. I look up to you and Jenny when i am down and you two are my Friends for life. Life is meant to be lived not for worrying about what you look when you get older, not for how would people think of me if i did...., but meant to be happy at that moment. You never know when things might change. I love you Jenn.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today, hmmmm today went by really fast at work, AWESOME!!! Kind of unusual for work to go fast on a Monday. I am kinda sad, as Saturday my mother moved to Wyoming to be close to my brother and to find herself. I am hoping and trying really hard to convince her otherwise. John loved my mother and cameron. (Cameron being my brother of 9years old) I can truly and honestly see her moving back down here. On a happy note my best friend Kirstin Douglas moved down here with her husband and 2 kids, about 1 mile away from me. So totally cool. Well i thought i would just post that.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Scion TC, AUDIO, stereos

My New Car, i recieved it Friday June 5th 2008 at 225 pm. I am so excited and happy to have it. This car is totally my dream car. We are planning the interior as we speak. I will be putting my husbands stereo company on it: