Thursday, June 11, 2009


The joys of life in which i am slowly learning what they are. Getting back into my music has been a big part of who i am and who i am slowly going back to. I forgot for a while how music affects me when you just listen. NEVER STOP LISTENING TO MUSIC THAT MEANS THE MOST TO YOU. Lay in your bed, close your eyes and really truly enjoy that music and you will see how much more relieved you feel and how much more open you are.

If you haven't noticed yet i have started another blog that has to do with Tattoos. This is a fun project as i am going to start really exploring the real meaning of tattoos. I will soon be starting a hair and makeup one as well as i am starting to personally explore more.

Twitter -

Twitter is a ultra fun updating site.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Oh i had to say that on the 30th of this month i will be meeting the bands of warped tour as i have backstage passes and VIP tickets....YAYAYAYAYA


Hello All,

its been a while since i have written and i thought i would just do a quick note and say i am doing good. SINGLE as could be but surviving and enjoying what life brings me. I also included some recent photos and will write more soon.

Loves to all of you.