Friday, February 20, 2009

I cant Believe Jenny Wrote This

Oh my gosh....I checked my email this evening at 11:45pm and i saw an email from Jenny..i was like ummmmm i wonder as i look at the title of the email it states "My Blog for Tatiana" i was like ummm i am curious but excited. So i went to One of Jenny's blogs called Something About My Truth and i started crying. I will leave you guys to read her blog and tell me what you think.

I LOVE YOU JENNY as you are a true friend of mine and i know i am going through this not only as a personal growth but for you and i to be on that same level.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well i just had an awakening....My ex thank god has made me realize just what exactly i don't EVER want in a relationship/man ever again. He is complete scum and i feel bad for anyone that has to deal with him in life. He is a user of all...If you put out money he will take, if you put out your bed he will take, if you put out full love he will take.

I have lost all respect with how he treats me calling me names all the time. I am better than him and i deserve greatness. I am a beautiful woman and i am melting the lbs off. My confidence has sky rocketed, how? Well let me tell you, the guys that are approaching me are gorgeous. Like i never thought that i would get something as amazing as they are. We are talking MUSCULAR, sweet, have actual goals in life and steady jobs and knows how to treat a lady.

For the future of john i hope he finds something in life that makes him money. Maybe he will finally seek help that he needs. This has made me realize that he was nothing. He actually held me back from great potential.

The one thing i will miss are his kids they deserve everything in the world and i know that with their mom Nikki they will get that. She did the right thing by moving them up to UTAH. You Go Girl. She saw what was coming but i was blinded by his lies and CON ARTIST ways.

I will never let a man do what John did to me. Some of you will take this as a hate email I DON'T CARE if you only knew what i have been through.

For those of you who are wondering why this blog is so negative text me and i will let you know all the details. Its weird a part of me wants him to suffer how he made me feel, and to watch him fail over and over again. The other part well....there is no other part right now. lol.



Friday, February 6, 2009

Turning Slowly


its been a while since i have blogged so i thought i would give a true update of how my life is going. Its had its ups and downs...John and i are slowly learning to talk to each other again which is really nice. I am sooo sick of the constant fighting over NOTHING. lol. I talk to my mother on a constant basis which is nice to have my relationship with her back. In the category of friends there are a few that i have learned are my TRUE FRIENDS. I have a group that i hang out with who consist of Deniece Taylor, Jennifer Furlong and Jenny Stradling. Talk about a great bunch of people. They are nothing but laughs and knowledge to help me through my current situation. All the inside jokes, all the stupid humor, all the love, all the trust what more could you ask for. SERIOUSLY! I am so thankful that god sent them my way.

As far as work, well i love my job and most of the people i work with. Everyone is there for everyone, and no one is there to hurt judge or harm you. I was talking with new people i had recently met and they were like "You look like you can be wild" i was like if that is not a stereotype. I had to explain that Monday through Friday i work, then come home to spend time with my dog, then go to bed. I am like that is a Wild and Crazy life right there. They laughed. My panic attacks have slowly calmed down THANK GOD!!! Now its slowly time for reality to kick in. Which i think is harder than the Panic Attacks. I have started cleaning my apartment More which is awesome. It seems to be the nights that are hard for me and the morning. Not so much during the day anymore, which is always good.

Well i will start writing more.

Love yall.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


One step at a time. I have a few friends that totally stand out in my book that are truly here for me. I have included pics below: