Friday, January 6, 2012

Eminent Seo Brand Identy

Our company just launched its new website for Brand Identity I have included some basic information from the website for you to know as well as the phone number to get this started:

At Eminent Brand Identity we take a look at all of your corporate brand and identity needs, which Include:
  •  Name
  •  Logo
  •  Trademark
  •  Marketing Collateral
  •  On and Offline Communications
  •  Over All Visual Appearance
  • Services:
  •  Brand Audits
  •  Brand Strategy
  •  Brand Collateral Refinements
  •  Brand Development
  •  Logo Development
  •  Logo Refinements
  •  Logo Creation and Delivery
  •  Brand Marketing
  •  Brand Reputation Management
Interested in improving your brand? Ready to get started?
Just call us for a quick consultation and we would be glad to help you discover a new brand identity! 1.866.845.7219