Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love People in MY LIFE

People Are What?

...Mean, Hypocritcal, Scandelous, and most of all SHIT TALKERS!

This post is not going to be pretty or beat around the bush....this post is meant to be for ME...i could care less about questions people have about who i am talking to/about ....... this is for me to release be vent!

I have discovered so much in the last two weeks that would lead a person to feeling alone and in the dark. I am one who would not allow myself to get that deep into sadness and what not. But non the less all the people that do come in and out of my life had lead me to feel that i can trust no one!

Today i realized that there aren't really people out there who care for you and would be there for you 100% as i have been for my besties! Someone who i thought was truely my best friend since the 10th grade decided to listen to people that could care less about her. People that use her and everything she has to offer and never bother to help or contribute to her situation. I was a good friend to this person, the hours upon hours of listening to her view on her current situation...the pointless tattoo conversations....over coffee! I mean i could go on...i was there for my friend financially, emotionally and what do i get in return "i am not allowed to be friends with you" oh and lets not forget the best one "They feel you are a bad influence for me" ......... hmmm wow! Hearing that come from my best friend who knows me of all people was shocking, hurtful and filled me with anger. Her family for the last year and a half have made it known many times that i am a slut! It's is funny cause first off how is my personal life their business? And what have i done to get that title? All i do is spoil my friend with gifts, coffee, clothes, and toys for her kids...I never put her in any situations that would make anyone question me or her....but i make sure that she is comfy and happy! I was a good friend! I would honestly consider her a person who doesnt know anything but what they want. She use to be such a blunt, bold, crazy, honest person. And now she is a coward, sad, lost little girl. That is not meant in a hurtful way but the best and honest way i could put it.

I spoke with my mother with pain and hurt letting her know of the situation and she helped me so much! I need people in my life who care for me 100% through thick and thin not someone who drops me so fast! I completely agree! I love my mom and the people that are in my life....Thank you to all who stuck around and for those of you who have left good luck cause you lost someone great!