Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oct. 30th & Halloween Night Concert

Oct. 30th EVE:
SOooo i went to pick up casey from school and he was so excited to see me. Its such a great feeling seeing him so happy. We went to Johns shop for a little then Casey and i went shopping. We got some halloween stuff including a cool new soda for the Halloween season called "Candy Corn" Johns favorite candy so i had to buy it. We then went to Spirit and got some make up and blue hair spray for Casey and Glitter Hair Spray for me. Then picked up John and went to Bashes and got some Pumpkins and got home to carve and watch a REALLY SCARY AND GROSS MOVIE which is Caseys Favorite.

So last night our son decided that it would be cool to go to a huge concert rather than trick or treating. Which was WAY cool. He is like just buy me a bag of candy. But that didn't stop him from wanting to do some make up on the face for this concert. He went as a dead rockstar. Let me tell you I ROCK AT MAKEUP.

The bands that 98 KUPD got there were:




Let me tell you they freaking rock in concert. The security stopped everyone from coming in due to it reaching maximum capacity and John, Casey and I had front row. Afterwords we walked back to the shop and drove to sonic. We got home about 11pm and watched a funny movie as John fella asleep on my lap. What a great night

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The Hansen Family said...

Casey's make-up was awesome! Sounds like you guys had a fun night. :)

I love that you put some pictures with your braids in. I thought they were awesome.

(Hahahaha! The little security word I have to put in to leave a comment is "butmen")