Friday, November 7, 2008


So I recently went back to work full time to help with money and i am loving it. I work out every night, and our house is clean. I am trusting John to run his shop which is an exciting thing for me. I am so sick of thinking about my past that it hurts the future. I am losing weight and John and I's relationship is so strong its better than before. He loves me so much and i love him. Right now we are both sitting on the couch and i am typing and he is playing guitar hero Tour of Decades and he is sitting on my feet. That is one thing i love about John he has to have some part of him touch me when we are together. Like when we are sleeping its his feet or hand or he is completely nuzzled to my back. Thats the best.

Well we have had Casey here for about a month i think hehe. John and i are loving it so much. He seems so happy. I have fully and truly accepted that i love being a step mom. Well i am getting way tired as it is 1:13am.

Nighty Night

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