Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Day Today

Well i woke up after a long long night getting ready for Jazzercise. Boy was that hard to do. lol. But what an accomplishment. Thank you to John for pushing me lol.

Afterwards we went back home and all of us got ready to go to the car show "Severed Ties" John took this picture of me.....RESULTS ARE STARTING TO SHOW. yaya.

We all hung out at the car show and ended up winning a prize. We were all so happy. There were like 6 of Johns cars there. It was awesome seeing all of his work. He works so hard and now its finally starting to pay off. We then went to walmart and did a little christmas shopping for my family in Wyoming. My boys are so excited to see him.
Life has its ways of working things out. John and i were not doing so hot about 3 weeks ago and now all the changes that have been made everything is better than i would have ever imagined. John is such a happier person. Its great. I am now reassured that he and i will last forever. I love you Johnny. xoxo

I'm am totally dreading saying goodbye to my boys for another 4 weeks. But i know they are in good hands with Nikki. The boys have been so happy together with casey. Its great. Mikey is such a beautiful angel. Spencer is our little brave soilder. Spencer has totally leached on to John. Its so sweet. I love seeing those two together. As you can see in this picture Spencers true innocent smile.


The Hansen Family said...

First of all Tasha, you seriously look amazing! You should keep taking pictures of yourself so you can look back and see what you've lost. I can't believe how good you look already!

Secondly, when are the boys leaving? We would love to see them before they go! Are they coming to Thanksgiving? I have a birthday card I've been meaning to send to Mikey. If they're going to be here I'll just bring it to him.

Liz said...

You should also put some of the changes on the sidebar of your blog so whenever you read it YOU can see your progress and that will keep you motivated. Just add them week by week. I am positive that everyone who reads your blog would love to see your progress like that.

Ok, Mikey and Spencer TOTALLY look like twins in that last pic. It is amazing how they catch up to each other in size- it's like they trade off on growth spurts. it's also cool to see how much taller Casey is than them right now. I am so glad that he looks and acts so much happier now. He looks like he is making alot of progress!

Simple Irony said...

Go Jazzercise, whoot whoot! See, We can do it! YAY! P.S. I love my boyz