Friday, December 14, 2007

Rusty Colored Leaves and The Smell of Chimneys

December 14th 2007

Well what to say....I am really homesick, I miss my mother and brothers. My mother is in Placerville, California with my younger brother Cameron and my other brother josh lives in Wyoming with his beautiful girlfriend Anna. I wish that i could see them more often. They did come to Az to my anniversary party. Which was totally bomb....but it was so sad seeing them drive off. I am slowly trying to convince my mother to come down here but well she says that it is too brown. In Placerville its very very green. Lots of trees and grass and at this time of year its super cold and snowy. But she always had hot coffee in the morning with the creamy sitting cold in the fridge waiting to be poured. I miss that. But in Az right now its super cold and we just got done with a week of rain. YAY. I love the rain, most of all i love the clouds. Another thing that Placerville has is SEASON CHANGES...I do love fall, i will be naming my first child Autumn. I love the different rusty colors of the leaves and the smell of burning wood in everyones chimneys. Well my mother has always lived in Placerville, she was even born there. Its just familiar that is what it is. She needs change and should move here. She would love it here if she opened her eyes. Change is so healthy to make. Well i will close tonight. With Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I met my husband through a great friend of our named David Hardy, he is a great person and worth every effort to try to not to slap him. He hooked my husband and i up thinking that it would just be a date here and there and well i don't want to go into detail. But after 1 week i moved in with him, i know i know crazy didn't even know each other, but john and i knew. Once you know you know. He asked me to be his girlfriend September 4th 2005. We then got engaged December 24th 2005 and married July 10th 2006. We just recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary. It was great. John and i threw a HUGE party at our house inviting a bunch of people including my family from cali which they all showed up. It was so great. People always comment on our happy we look we just say we are great actors. But we are truly happy. We started to get really down on life and us in general. Then his sister Picture below showed us the secret..........the secret is about the LAW OF ATTRACTION and what we put out there through our thoughts and fears is what we get. Well that is just part one of our lives...He is here and we are going to go get my hair cut. Talk with yall soon. Thanks for reading.