Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Thanks for the greatest time!!!

Greatest Time/New Friends

Ok, i know strange title but i will say the good then i will comment on the bad....

John, Casey and i went to the state fair with our friends Amber and Yesenia and we had the best time. Talk about getting the hook ups. Got in for free, beverages free, and all the rides were a dollar. BOMB Deal. We really got to know our now really good friends tonight and john and i finally took a break from life and just enjoyed ourselves. John won me a HUGE HUGE HUGE Banana and Yesenia won a cute pink thing for me for john. lmaolmao. Casey, John and Amber went on all the CRAZY rides, i was shocked to see that Casey went on them. But he is a brave kid. I love it. I'm glad to say the Yesenia and Amber are in our lives. Finally friends that really know how to have fun.

When you have a friend that from what i feel and what my husband feels tries to jeopardize the business what do you do?

That friend doesn't agree with how it is ran or any of what is going on there. Would you be there friend? Its a hard question, i thought that this friend was a true friend of mine but i see everyday that i am wrong. I have learned not to share how i feel with her due to what has happened recently.

She claims that we are assuming her actions but look at what has recently happened? What does she truly want me to feel? I love her but i don't love what she has done. You see when she hurts john she is hurting me...when she intentionally hurts our company she is again hurting me. Here is a question for her "If you don't like it so much why still support it?" Honestly!

I wanted your life to get better which is why i wanted you down seems this place is just as miserable. What do you want from give you another chance and another....i would love to if you didn't go out and jepordize our company again. I want you to understand that when it comes to hurting my life then there are issues.

Your right i have changed and i did expect things to get better with you and i but i am what i am and you are i guess what you are. My goals in life are to have a continued happy marriage and be with my kids and go to school and for John and I's company to be a success and not let anyone ruin that for us.

I am sure that this seems rude but it seems as if i should spell it out so there are no mis interrprets of this post.

What do you want from me? Maybe you should email me instead of doing a post so you can be honest without beating arourd .the bush



Thursday, October 23, 2008

My New Puppy

Hello All,

i had to share my new joy that i recently just received from john:

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My World is Positive

Well i have quite a bit to talk about, from friends to court to current jobs. Lets start with the positive COURT....

I know court being positive CRAZY but if you actually understood my life you would be like ooooh ok. lol. ok, so today was court for John and we just discovered that we have paid off his debt from $15,000 to now currently owing $5,500 and some change. HOW AMAZING is that. Nikki was kind enough to drop the payments in regards to recurring child support totally. So John and i are pretty stoked about life in regards to that.

Friends...Well what to seems as if i have a friend who has crossed many lines in my book. We both seem to express our feelings on Blogging without saying names. Well this part is for you, and you know who you are im sorry i dont fit into your criteria im sorry that our husbands dont get along. My life is how it is i love it and it approves everyday. I feel as if i have changed for the better. When i let you in my life like we use to be it seems as if you only want in to fight agains my other half. Im sorry but that is how i feel that is what happens all the time.

Jobs...Well tonight as we are going home we are stopped by 2 HUGE clients. We are very excited and nothing is going to stop us again.

Well i love you all and i am excited for the future that is about to be filled with fun. Love. Trust.

Tatiana Hansen

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Feeling the groggy in my eyes as they slowly start to open, I wake hearing Johns voice speaking to Spencer. As Spencer is explaining what is to happen during his day John looks at me and smiles and puts his arm under my neck and pulls me close to him. As I close my eyes with a smile on my face, the sudden memory of when John and I first got together pops into my head. The feeling of comfort and love which is always an amazing.

John and I just recently celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on July 10th, its weird because it feels like 5 or 10. John and I argue lately about every little thing but no one said that opening a shop was easy. John is truly what makes me happy.

He and I have so many goals in life, to get fit, to get rich, to have 2 kids to add on to his previous 3, and of course a bunch more miniature dachshunds. HEHE. I think that because I can’t have kids right now I go through the feeling of wanting a baby and instead I buy a dog. LOL. John and I are huge miniature dachshund fans. They are spunky and beautiful.

This morning we watched UNDERWORLD, which I really got interested in. Vampires….HMMM….seductive, scary, dangerous, sick, yet turn on. WEIRD group of words. LOL. The story of a female vampire protecting the human she is infatuated with is to become a vampire/werewolf! Great Movie, right up there with Van Helsing.

To close I want to ask one question:


Tatiana Hansen

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FareWell for a Couple Weeks

This was the last pic i took of my family before the two boys left for Utah. They had so much fun with us, they are so cute. We recently spoke with them on the phone and Mikey sounded so sad but i know that they are going to have fun with all the new fresh snow. Its so cute to hear Casey and the boys get along. I just wanted to share this picture with everyone as this is MY FAMILY.


From high school to now i have realized how much i have changed in many opinions for the better cause i am now the real me, in others not so much. I am more outspoken, stand up for truly what i believe in, and stand up for the people i care for. My husband is number one in my life and always will be. John is such an amazing person, he gives people the opportunity to improve their lives and lets them explore their talents. John has 3 beautiful boys. They are exactly like him, they fight for their beliefs and question the people that have wronged them in the past. This blog may seem a little wierd but i don't give john enough credit for all that he does for me and his children.

John has the biggest heart out of everyone i know. He loves giving people chance after chance. We fight about that, but if that is the most i could complain about i have nothing to worry about lol. John and i don't really take time for ourselves, between his shop, my work, our kids, the drama with all of that, there is usually not enough time for sleep.

John is a huge perfectionist which makes his work the best. People don't go to him for a cheap job or cheap install, they go to him cause they know that they are going to get MORE than what they pay for. Johns work is immaculate and amazing. John has worked hard to earn his reputation and wont let anyone damage it.


Friends are hard to come by but so easy to let go. Since moving here to Arizona i have come to realize that family is true friendship. Johns family has done so much for us and give us the emotional support that everyone should receive. My family on the other hand, i don't have much to say as i have been let down many times by them. I love them with all my heart but when they don't want to be in my life or my children's life's then i have no need for them. I spent so much of my time trying to get their acceptance that i am numb to them.

Well i hope this blog finds you to have questions as i have many myself. lol.

Have a great day.