Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, alot has happened went to california to visit my mom and realized that she needs to freaking move down here. Her current boyfriend is a jerk in my eyes, name calling my little nine year old brother which Just pisses me off to no end. Well we introduced my mother to a new guy out here and she is COMPLETELY motivated to move here. which is awesome. We are looking at houses and jobsfor her now. she is a registered phlebotomist and an amazing one at that. We are struggeling a bit financially but we know we will come out of this rut. I have a scheduled appointment to get tattooed. I am way excited. it will be located on my neck. BIG STEP. but well worth it to me. My in laws i feel are gonna freak...i dont want to dissapoint them but john and i are totally happy with tattoos and my mom calls me a coloring book which is so totally cute. Since john and i had that big big fight a few weeks ago we have learned alot about eachother. We are WAY happy, and have learned to communicat alot more. We are truelly in love with one another and we both know it. i will write more again soon.

Tatiana Hansen

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The D Word

well what to say......this morning was the worlds worste day...john and i got into the biggest fight. To the point that divorce was brought up in front of the kids. John and i discussed it all and we are perfect now, but oh boy i was honestly scared. He and i are stressing so much right now due to money. Which is always the issue of everyones problems. He has quite his job and decided to venture off on his own, well at first i was like that was awesome, but nopw that bills are coming up due im like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. but in the end we worked it out. I love john with all my heart and the boys and he loves me with all my heart. I know that for a fact because as soon as we looked at each other we smiled....and hugged. i have recognized that i have not been fully supportive and i am wanting to change. i want a better lifestyle. I love my family and i love myself enough to not be negative anymore. please let me know if you all have relationship advice and marital advice.l

tatiana hansen

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I KNOW I KNOW ITS BEEN FOREVER since i have written a blog, well alot has happened, i am going to sum it up really quick and then write more in the next couple of days with pictures....we got a new addition to our family, his name is Charlie, he is my puppies daddie, so we were way excited. He is so freaking cute. I have gotten 4 tattoos since i have last written...2 on my feet on near my wrist and one under my arm next to my armpit. Its so cool...john has started his sleeve and got a HUGE koi fish on his neck. Well what else nothing much just enjoying life and livin it. Talk more in a second. LOVE YALL

tatiana hansen