Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well i got another tattoo...By one of the best artists that i know. Sam from Idle Hands Tattoo.I came in saying that i wanted Pinstriping and he completely FREE HANDED my tattoo, it took 45 minutes, and wasnt all that painful. I love my tattoo and my tattoo artist. I am so glad that i found them on Myspace. I am already talking to him about planning my next one. Just wanted to post pics of my new tattoo. Hope ya like

Sunday, February 17, 2008

*~*Just Me*~*

HMMMM...that is what this image reminds me of. John and Tatiana, what can you say about us....HMMM...full of love, fun, funny, sweet, amazing relationship, soulmates, learn to deal and accept what is given to them. John and i have talked and we have decided that in a few weeks we are going to try counciling...everyone is asking why you guys are always happy and look so good, but john and i want us to last, we have a few flaws when we argue but when we argue it lasts about an hour then we just smile and move on. lol. John and i will do what ever we can to make US work. We want to be the perfect couple that people just see and go "ahhhh they are so cute" though we get that now, we want everyone to know that we are real and we love eachother so much. John and i have talked lots about growing old together and being those adorable old people that hold hands that walk down the streets, or eating lunch together talking about the small things that are so funny to them. We have gone through alot, including many COURT dates due to his ex wife, and both of them wanting the kids, but we have been homeless, he has lost all of his friends, due to me not meeting there standards, no car, not seeeing the boys, nothing. Now, we have a 3 bedroom house, with a pool, 3 cars, john is going to be going off on his own soon YAYAYAYAYa. and i can go to hair school soon, johns friends are the coolest, they have come by to hang and are really trying to get to know me, and we have the boys every week, which we are trying and fighting for more. For the longest time i hated Johns Ex wife, she just could not stop, but now i dont let her get to me, john and i have such a positive outlook on life now, nothing bothers us as much anymore (kill them with a smile). John and i are reaching 2 years of being married and wow, TOTALLY WORTH ALL IT. If i had to pass one word of wisdom on to future married couples, i would have to say LISTEN to eachother. Its the greatest amount of respect and worth it in the end.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Good & The Bad

Well would you like the good or the bad information?

Lets start with the bad so we can end on a happy note. :)

I have recently visited my doctor regarding my test results and was told that my cholesterol is SKY high and my liver readings are really bad and my testosterone is CRAZY. (example of crazy the average female ahs a level of 60-80 of testosterone I have 222) To the point that the doctor said if i dont get healthy i could die very young (30-40).Well you can guess THAT GOT MY ATTENTION FAST. So fast that it was like instant tears running down my face to have a doctor say that to me. I was in complete shock with my results and sadened that i have let myself get this bad. The doctor wanted to prescribe me medication to help my choloesteral go down but then he said that would affect my liver so he wont do that. He has highly advised me to find a specialist regarding my hormonses (testosterone) and check for the cysts on my ovaries and see what they can prescribe.
Well my husband started talking to my doctor about a book called the 'Fat Flush Plan'. We will be doing the flush instead of taking medications. My doctor said to try that and he will test me again in a month and if the results don’t improve I will need a biopsy on my liver (eeeek). With my insides so messed up I might end up having cysts on my ovaries.
I know that I am spilling out everything to ya'll, but I am willing to do anything to get positive reinforcement and help. If you have any advice or sites or books for me to check out I would sincerely love it. Thank you so much for reading this.
The Good.............

My car, i have included below pictures of my interior of the car to update those who read:
- This is my Door Panel

- This is my front Dash torn apart

- This is my back seat area looking through the trunk