Friday, February 20, 2009

I cant Believe Jenny Wrote This

Oh my gosh....I checked my email this evening at 11:45pm and i saw an email from Jenny..i was like ummmmm i wonder as i look at the title of the email it states "My Blog for Tatiana" i was like ummm i am curious but excited. So i went to One of Jenny's blogs called Something About My Truth and i started crying. I will leave you guys to read her blog and tell me what you think.

I LOVE YOU JENNY as you are a true friend of mine and i know i am going through this not only as a personal growth but for you and i to be on that same level.



Simple Irony said...

Of course! I think about you a lot and i want to influence this time, if I can, to help you see the positive and turn in into an awaking for you! My divorce pushed me into a bad place and things got a LOT worse before they got any better. I would just hate to see that happen to you. Now is your time for self recognition and soul searching, not plummeting into a world of unsatisfying days and nights of self torment and drinking... which is what happened to me.... I`d like to think all the BS I went through wasn`t just for my own learning experience, but that someone close to me could also learn something from my mistakes. Not all of us have the same lessons to live, sometimes we can learn from each others mistakes too! I love you girl, you just hang in there. Let that goodness, that sweet kindness, ooze out of you and hang that heart back on your sleeve. I guarantee you`ll find what you are looking for... :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jenny... your blogs and definatly hers. Please tell her that I find her to be a beautiful person based on her writings. I am so glad you have found her, and I hope you listen to every word she says. Everything she wrote is beautiful and so very very true!!!