Monday, March 2, 2009


Well i know for a fact that i am truly on my way to succeed. I heard some news today which i will not disclose and i actually didn't care. It was awesome. It's quite amazing. I know that my relationships in the future are going to be far greater than the ones in the past. I do hope John the best in his future and hope that he does succeed in life.

I am sitting here on my couch thinking wow i did this...i am living on my own paying my own bills going out and actually having fun. This i could get use to lol.

For once its truly about ME. Discovering what i like to do what i like to love. It's nice to know that people are falling more and more in love with me. I had completly lost who i was for 4 years and my high school friends see that i am coming back and are beyond excited. I love all of you who stuck by me through the worst of things. You know who you are. ;)

I hope that when people read this entry they see that progress is happening and faster than what i would have thought. This blog is not only about my past and happiness with John but the troubles we had and the end of John and i. I have met and will continue to meet new friends and you never know my happiness with someone else could be around the corner or 5 years from now but im going to totally enjoy the path i have taken.

XoXo to everyone reading.



The Hansen Family said...

Yay for Tasha!!
I'm so happy to hear you're doing better and better.

I miss having you around. :( Maybe we can all get together sometime soon. I'd love to see you

tatiana_qkd said...

Heyy Jenny,

i miss you guys so much. I am thankful that i did have you guys in my life.

I would love to get together soon.

Love you forever,

Miss the laughs we always had.

mom said...

tasha....again you amaze me. stay open to is really what you past is learned from, the future doesnt exist now you hold in your hands.
enjoy this
im so damn proud of you!!!