Friday, February 6, 2009

Turning Slowly


its been a while since i have blogged so i thought i would give a true update of how my life is going. Its had its ups and downs...John and i are slowly learning to talk to each other again which is really nice. I am sooo sick of the constant fighting over NOTHING. lol. I talk to my mother on a constant basis which is nice to have my relationship with her back. In the category of friends there are a few that i have learned are my TRUE FRIENDS. I have a group that i hang out with who consist of Deniece Taylor, Jennifer Furlong and Jenny Stradling. Talk about a great bunch of people. They are nothing but laughs and knowledge to help me through my current situation. All the inside jokes, all the stupid humor, all the love, all the trust what more could you ask for. SERIOUSLY! I am so thankful that god sent them my way.

As far as work, well i love my job and most of the people i work with. Everyone is there for everyone, and no one is there to hurt judge or harm you. I was talking with new people i had recently met and they were like "You look like you can be wild" i was like if that is not a stereotype. I had to explain that Monday through Friday i work, then come home to spend time with my dog, then go to bed. I am like that is a Wild and Crazy life right there. They laughed. My panic attacks have slowly calmed down THANK GOD!!! Now its slowly time for reality to kick in. Which i think is harder than the Panic Attacks. I have started cleaning my apartment More which is awesome. It seems to be the nights that are hard for me and the morning. Not so much during the day anymore, which is always good.

Well i will start writing more.

Love yall.


MommaWhyte said...

I know Im not mentioned in here but I do want you to know that I am here for you!!!! Whenever you need to talk to someone you have my number!!!!!! Sounds like you have a great group of support though, I just want to make sure you know whenever and i mean that i am here. I know i have been absent in the fact of hanging out with everyone but its hard when you are pregnant. and tired, bitchy ect. but pretty soon i will be back in the scene girlie. I am so proud of you and you are doing so well!!!! Keep up all the amazing work. Love you! -Monika

momma said... make me so proud to be your mom! i cant tell you awsome you are...remember when i told you a long time ago, that i want to be like you when i grow up?...well i mean it more now than i did then! you are a woman of substance and great strength. proud doesnt even say it all! i know you are learning so much about people, and about your true self....something no one but real life can teach you...and god. i love you beautiful one!