Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My World is Positive

Well i have quite a bit to talk about, from friends to court to current jobs. Lets start with the positive COURT....

I know court being positive CRAZY but if you actually understood my life you would be like ooooh ok. lol. ok, so today was court for John and we just discovered that we have paid off his debt from $15,000 to now currently owing $5,500 and some change. HOW AMAZING is that. Nikki was kind enough to drop the payments in regards to recurring child support totally. So John and i are pretty stoked about life in regards to that.

Friends...Well what to seems as if i have a friend who has crossed many lines in my book. We both seem to express our feelings on Blogging without saying names. Well this part is for you, and you know who you are im sorry i dont fit into your criteria im sorry that our husbands dont get along. My life is how it is i love it and it approves everyday. I feel as if i have changed for the better. When i let you in my life like we use to be it seems as if you only want in to fight agains my other half. Im sorry but that is how i feel that is what happens all the time.

Jobs...Well tonight as we are going home we are stopped by 2 HUGE clients. We are very excited and nothing is going to stop us again.

Well i love you all and i am excited for the future that is about to be filled with fun. Love. Trust.

Tatiana Hansen

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Liz said...

YAY Court! Awesome job getting it down! Sorry I couldn't help out this week. It's been a pretty bad one for us... between blown tires that ended up having to get replaced and TX.... aaaaaahhhh I am stressed. I miss you guys! Once we get back we'll have to have dinner and a fire out back!