Wednesday, October 15, 2008


From high school to now i have realized how much i have changed in many opinions for the better cause i am now the real me, in others not so much. I am more outspoken, stand up for truly what i believe in, and stand up for the people i care for. My husband is number one in my life and always will be. John is such an amazing person, he gives people the opportunity to improve their lives and lets them explore their talents. John has 3 beautiful boys. They are exactly like him, they fight for their beliefs and question the people that have wronged them in the past. This blog may seem a little wierd but i don't give john enough credit for all that he does for me and his children.

John has the biggest heart out of everyone i know. He loves giving people chance after chance. We fight about that, but if that is the most i could complain about i have nothing to worry about lol. John and i don't really take time for ourselves, between his shop, my work, our kids, the drama with all of that, there is usually not enough time for sleep.

John is a huge perfectionist which makes his work the best. People don't go to him for a cheap job or cheap install, they go to him cause they know that they are going to get MORE than what they pay for. Johns work is immaculate and amazing. John has worked hard to earn his reputation and wont let anyone damage it.


Friends are hard to come by but so easy to let go. Since moving here to Arizona i have come to realize that family is true friendship. Johns family has done so much for us and give us the emotional support that everyone should receive. My family on the other hand, i don't have much to say as i have been let down many times by them. I love them with all my heart but when they don't want to be in my life or my children's life's then i have no need for them. I spent so much of my time trying to get their acceptance that i am numb to them.

Well i hope this blog finds you to have questions as i have many myself. lol.

Have a great day.


Liz said...
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Anonymous said...

'Tis very very true.and you and John are the best of friends as well as family...kinda like getting the best of both worlds. But do not be to quick to let go of all your friends either. Best of Luck and much love to you and yours.