Sunday, November 25, 2007

MY Christmas Gift

OH MY GOSH, i am so excited i am getting my dream dog, don't get me wrong my puppy max (1/2 weenie 1/2 dachshund) is amazing but this is a pure breed miniature dachshund oh my gosh he is so beautiful...he is short haired and beautiful. Now max can have a best friend to play with. I am so excited. john and i agreed that since i knew what my present was that i had to tell him his and so i told him i am getting a Tattoo set...with the gun, machine, tubes, needles, colors, and tons of other stuff from intenzeink he is so excited cause he has just been waiting for the right time to start and well i decided for him that this is a great time. lol. I am a little stressed only due to alot is going on, family pictures, saying goodbye to my brother in law Jake (he is going on a mission for 2 years and is not allowed to call or communicate with any of us only his parents 2 times a year) moving into our new house which is my dream home, and we will be buying it...and well alot of other stuff but i believe that we go through things for a reason and that we bring everything upon our selves. I am a huge follower of "THE SECRET" and "THE SEDONA METHOD" it has truly helped my life, and my relationship and my job. well we gotta go visit my puppy we pick him up Friday night....YAYAYAYAYAYAY

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The Wells Family said...

Cool, I loved your blog. I am going to add you on mine, as my friend. IS that ok? Did Jake get his mission call? Where is he going? John's parents were in our ward when it split, but I haven't seen them in a few weeks? Did they move? I love your new puppy! They are so much fun. Here is the link to my blog.

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday. Keep in touch.
Hugs, Kim