Thursday, November 29, 2007


Hello everyone,

Well i got such an amazing letter today from the worlds sweetest girl, Gabi Richardson, she is such a wonderful person, she is getting back together with her high school boyfriend and he treats her so great. She deservest the greatest. I love her so much. I met her my first year of high school as she was my colorguard coach. I totally looked up to her and admired her so much. After Sophomore year she quite. which was really sad but she needed to move forward with her life. CANT BLAME HER. She was so great at that sport. Well just recently did i get back in contact with her thanks to MYSPACE. I was so happy and shocked...she has such a beautiful son named KAI. What an ANGEL. He deserves the world and i know for a fact that his gorgeous mother Gabi is giving exactly that. Well as you can tell i to this day look up to her. She is a real person who deserves the best in life and she is totally starting to get it. She and i totally bonded when we got back in touch when one of us had mentioned "THE SECRET" the law of attraction is the greatest thing to follow. And it truely works.
Well Christmas is totally around the corner and well there is so much going on. On the 1st of the month my husband and i move into our new home, the 5th i have my ONE year review with my company, on the 8th we have the HANSEN family picture...YAY, on the 13th we have our kids school play, 17th we say BYE to JAKE HANSEN who is leaving on his mission to CHILLE...for two years. CONGRATS JAKE! and much much more.
I GOT A PROMOTION AT WORK.....yay i am now Jenny Hansens Assistant my new title is:
Research Analyst/Assistant Account Manager.
I am so excited, i love learning new things. And well my boss is my sister in law, which at first was kinda awkward but then it grew on me, and we make sure to keep work work and not take anything personally and fun well we have lots of fun.
I know i wrote alot this time and i hope that you all enjoy. As i did writing it.
Have a great day, and or evening.

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