Thursday, January 8, 2009

Difficult yet Easier

well today was quite interesting, as i woke up incredibly sore from jazzercise and depressed cause i was missing my husband. I miss his companionship and friendship. I miss his attitude and humor. I am depressed for the fact that i sit at home alone with out the fact of knowing that john will be walking in the door any minute. John seems to have his own life right now and his own issues and i have mine. I am learning how to become more independent with my puppy. I am learning what i like and dislike.

I received my Birthday gift from Johns Mom and I LOVE IT. its in regards to my favorite artist. Her work is morbid yet beautiful. Her name is Tera McPherson - . Her heart work i feel expresses the thoughts that i am going through.

There is another person in my life who is continually supporting me in my life and that is Jenny Stradling. She is my sister-in-law, friend, and boss. She gave me the motivation to be able to move on and get myself back. She is a continued reminder that i can do it on my own and that i don't need anyone to be with me. She is teaching me to explore the world and find out what TASHA WANTS. I thank Jenny for her kind heart and her willing to help others.

1 comment:

mom said...

jenny rocks!!!!
i love you jenny...and i thank you for looking after my girl.
i am forever gtateful.
tasha...kepp it are doing great!