Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Start

WOW its been forever since i have written in this. Alot has happened that i must get out there to my readers. First i got extensions and I LOVE IT!!! They are actually braids. Its so awesome but different. I have also

posted pictures on .

Ok on to big news.....John's ex wife is moving to Utah in October and is taking the boys with her. We will get them during ALL summer, ALL Holidays, and all vacations. John and i are going to miss them so much but this adventure will ONLY last 2 years. As for John and i we have agreed to keep Casey here as he did not want to go. We are so excited to have this opportunity. I to be honest am nervous and scared as i have nevr been a FULL time mother. Casey and i have talked and have set goals when it comes to homework for him. WOW...i know big news. I would have written it sooner but was not able to access this on my phones, i could read it but could not write.

I have gone part time at TextLinkBrokers and i am working on numerous things after work. John and i's main goal is working on EIF Audio and his furniture company. FUN FUN.

On a really sad but exciting note we might be turning in the Scion TC due to registration issues with the previous owner and might be getting a 2009 Dodge Challenger its black so i am very excited.

I will try to keep this more updated. I do have a new number and i will post that on in a post.

Thank you all for reading.

Tatiana Marie Hansen


The Hansen Family said...

Holy Cow!! We will miss Mikey and Spencer soooooo much! Hopefully we'll get to see them when we go to Utah for Christmas. When exactly are they leaving? We'll be out of town the first 2 Sundays in October so I hope we don't miss seeing them before they go!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

I love my babies!!! I don`t want them to go :-( Your new Background is PURDY! Love it!!!!!