Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well i am currently working on my show car!!! AWESOME!! John and i discussed what we are going to do:

John is leaving out my back seat to put in 6 MTX 5515 or the comparable new model. Plans also call for 4 sets of Thunder axe high end components, a TE1004 and a TE4001. We will be installing 7" visor monitors, a 7" in place of the rear view mirror (the mirror is useless with that much bass lol), a 15" monitor in each door and a 22" (?) monitor on the inside trunk lid. Every panel visible in the trunk and interior will be fiberglassed and painted or upholstered.

This car will will attend every forseeable local car show. I am a memer of car club (they will be doing a feature of the car when it is done) and we know this will create demand for females at the car scene.

This is very exciting, and john and i work on it about 4-8 hours a week. We are currently working on sponsorships, which is very exciting. Well i thought that i would share my news. I am currently in contact with MTX and are discussing possibilities. YES.

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