Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well today was a doctor visit he said that i am morbidly obese. I ALREADY knew that lol. well the last 2 weeks i have carefully been watching what i eat and drink and have only been drinking water. The doctor told me that i need to lose weight in order for my body to function the way that it is suppose to. Having a baby is my goal, and john and i are concentrating on my diet and health in order to bring a baby into a healthy enviornment. Well like i said earlier my weight as of January 1st was 265lbs. and my weight in today January 16th was 248.3lbs. AWESOME. that is great. just the right motivation i need. The doctor ordered a heart, blood cell count, thyroid tests, urine tests, and testosterone tests. I plan on going to the lab next week to get all that done. i will let yall know what happeneds next week regarding that.

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