Monday, May 19, 2014

Life Change

Feb 10th I decided to go to the doctor to work on my weight and figure out what is going on. After blood work she said I am borderline Diabetic which scared me like no other! So that is the day I changed for the rest of my life. I started out at 277 lbs and as of 5/17 I weighed in at 226. It's been hard work but I take huge pride in my new life changes.

My gym schedule is hard:
Mon: 2:30-4 & 530-7
Tues: 2:30-4 & 530-7
Wed: 2:30-4 & 530-7
Thurs: 2:30-4 & Burlesque Practice
Fri: 2:30-4 & 530-7
Sat: 12-3
Sun: 12-3

1 comment:

Angela Zeigler said...

You are perfect to me. You are sexy as hell. You are making such positive changes for your health and focusing on you and your life and your happiness and this all is a step in the right direction. Stop looking for a man to complete you, my love, you are completing you in the best way possible, healthily. I love you at 50-500 pounds because of how amazing of a woman you are on the inside, the fact that the outside matches so perfectly is a huge bonus to the world that is watching your incredible journey. Xoxoxoxo