Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Do People Open Their Mouths!

Ok so this evening it was brought to my attention by a friend of mine that Gays did he put it "Gross" ..... Now lets back up a little .... i have many friends that are Gay including my father. Now i take PERSONAL offense to that comment being made. He continued to make comments like that till i just couldn't take it anymore! He then continued to say that they weren't welcome in "this" house. I am like wait what....they aren't perverts....he acts like they are a disease. How disrespectful!

This is such a sensitive subject to so many people its ridiculous! NOW why does this topic have to be such a damn issue! It pisses me off cause they aren't different. They work the same jobs as all of us, they eat at the same places, buy the same cars, and dammit they are HUMAN just like everyone else! If you are going to open your mouth around me make sure its positive cause you dont know who it affects!


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Mattyyy said...

People fucking piss. me. off... Luv ya cupcake..