Saturday, May 15, 2010

We are who we are.. And Who we were born to be - Matthew Amato

I have asked Matty to write something for me to post on my are his words below:

Life is short.. For the most part, we are lucky our lives even began.. People come and go, but there are always the ones who were there from the start to finish… This doesn’t necessarily mean literally from birth to death but the birth of your relationship to death do we part…; I have gone through my touch times from the day I was born and still, go through them daily… Being gay isn’t something that I chose for myself Yes, it is something I was born with. By saying that, I do not mean it is a disease but a soul of its own… Everyone has their own soul, and deep down the truth is what sets you free… Destiny and fate are not false beliefs.. We are born and destined to be who we are…

Miss Tatiana is the female lover of my life.. She is my mother, my sister, my best friend and most of all.. She is always there for me… I have my boyfriend of 24 hours that I think I could possibly already be falling in love with… We haven’t known each other for long, but from the beginning have been 100% honest and open with one another.. He has a pretty rough past but I am always there for him… Today was honestly the best day of my life… My mom “Tatiana” drove me to get my boyfriend.. And then as sweet as she is drove him home and they had one on one bonding time… That honestly meant the world to me that the 2 best people in my life right now, love each other.. I can’t say that I have parents of my own. My parents have basically decided to neglect me and form me into their new disappointment.. But honestly all I have to say is.. Fuck you…  I have a few others around.. But this entry is mainly for them.. I have who I need and although there are only these 2 who I am truly in love with… I still can say I love my life.

MATTHEW I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I am always going to be here for you!

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tatiana_qkd said...

matty i love you so much...this post made me cry.....Your the bestest ever!!!