Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who Am I?

I am sitting here and thinking of how i can write this blog...

15 minutes go by........

I know how to start this ......another 15 minutes go by

Ok im just going to say it:

I want this post to
be a slight understanding of who "Tatiana" is and just who exactly "Knuckles" is! Lets start with the basics. Tatiana - 26 yrs old, trusting, honest, loving, caring, wears her heart on her sleeve most the time, close with her family, loyal to her family;friends;and loved ones. And much more.

Knuckles......Blue hair, Outgoing, funny, a bit of a tougher girl, everyone loves, a bit more crazy and all the above!

I like to have knuckles as my Alter-ego ...... When i go  out im Knuckles when im home relaxing im Tatiana :) Knuckles give me the confidence to know i am not insecure. Having an alter ego is so helpful and so awesome!

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