Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Is it Really?

It’s been a while since I have posted. It’s crazy how time flies when you get really super busy with life. I am So happy about a few things…for one my divorce FINALLY went through!  It’s been a year and a half since John and I have been separated and now it feels like I have no real ties with him anymore! It’s awesome….with that being said I also got rid of my rings….that was totally hard but again so worth the moment and feelings that I went through. With that being said lets get into the good stuff that is going on with me. I have recently met a bunch of SUPER cool people! Let me tell you about them:

Star Padilla – What to say….she is just so freaking funny and cool! Besty cant even describe the proper term...She is such an amazing soul and she deserves the best that comes!

Kimm Heal – She is a derby girl on the Runaway Brides! Totally a fun girl who I love to hang out with when we get the chance to! She is definitely one of my besties!

Theresa Montiel – Who helped me realize so many things about me that I have been struggling with on a daily basis! I love her to death and is a great person to have in my life on so many levels!

Brittany Manka – She is absolutely adorable and so much fun to hang out with! Totally glad that her and I have met and become friends

There are so many more of you that I have not mentioned but will soon in the future posts….Everyone in my life now is in it for a reason and vice versa! I have recently added to my tattoo collection as well more on my hands, chest, arms and face! It’s crazy what kind of attention that you get with all this but so worth it! I love challenging peoples thoughts and opinions! I will close for now with some pics….And expect more posts!

Good Night

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