Sunday, August 16, 2009

Found my old Memory Card

Wow!!! How times have changed...the way i use to look and the way that things use to be and how they are now its crazy! I have changed in many areas from looks to personality to how i look at life. I love who i have become now that the past is what it is. Going through the memory card as if it were something so golden back then i look at it now like wow im not wanting to go through these pics. But once i put the card in my phone i realized that wow John and i had good days and we had bad...of coarse more bad than good but these memories were nice. I don't feel hatred for John like i use to but i accept him for him and am happy that we are no longer together. It feels great to know that i am ready to move on and look forward to my future.



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Jenny said...

You`re pretty...