Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fitting In

Well you see it me in my glasses....i recently have found a need for them. The first hour of work i am doing fine, the second hour my face is like plastered to the screen with the font super big....i feel like a nerd but i am getting MAD compliments. i do agree that there is a hint of sophistication....then i speak and that thought is LOST. lmao. I have come to the realization that HAIR and MAKEUP is where i want to be. I love a couple people i work with, but there is one that just DRIVES ME NUTS...thinks he runs the joint. No names will be mentioned but if he read this i know for sure that he would know who i am talking about.

On a Happier topic, John and i are catching up on our bills YAYA. it feels good to pay of stuff. We drive to Norther California to pick up my mother at the end of this month to move her down here. I am so happy cause i know that my brother Cameron will be safe. She is so totally happy. I love my mom so much and holidays are not the same without her.

My neck tattoo well i totally dont even notice it is there, its totally became a piece of me. John has talked to my tattoo guy "Sam" at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/IDLEHANDS about my back piece. I am so excited. i love ALL my artwork on my body. I have become the style that i have always dreamed about.

Mothers day was FREAKING AWESOME. John got me this awesome blowling purse which i hae always wanted and the boys made me gifts from school. I currently have one of them sitting at my work desk he decorated a planters pot with a M and background colors with 3 of my most liked color flowers and green tape wrapped around the bottom as it is pens. HOW CLEVER. i love him so much. The middle son made me chore coupons. Totally Cute. And the youngest got me the new Puddle of Mud CD. I am so blessed with my 3 boys, Casey, Michael and Spencer.

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Danae said...

I was thinking we should do some really cute pin-up style pics of you for John. Its totally your style and we could show off your tattoos and your curves. What do you think?